NC Web Pros, Charlotte NC Web Design and Development Firm

Why Choose Us?

For over 30 years the owners of NC Web Pros have worked for and with various successful advertising agencies in the Charlotte, NC area. What we saw, was that the businesses that needed the agencies help the most - the start-ups and small "mom-and-pop" businesses, couldn't get past their plush lobby, due to costs. Most advertising agencies and larger web development firms are geared toward attracting the "big fish", in order to help sustain their huge overhead. A startup or small struggling company on a tight budget is of no interest to them.

We started NC Web Pros to fill the niche for the small business. Having worked in the field all of our lives, we knew what it took to make your business a success. So how do we provide the same services and produce the same professional results as the larger agencies and web development firms, yet provide it at a cost the small business could afford?

The answer was simple. Keep overhead costs to a bare minimum (home-based). Hire self-employed contractors instead of employees and pass that savings on to our clients. The result: Our clients get the same (or in most cases, better) quality, but at half the cost.

Our entire business model is built on using self-employed, full-time contractors when the need arises. Here’s a typical example: A typical design firm may employ 10-15 employees. Two or three in management, an accountant, account representatives and a sales staff. Then you have designers and "maybe" two to four good programmers. Take all of the expenses associated with a full-time staff, vacation, insurance, etc., the cost of office space and related office expenses and guess who is paying for all of that?

You are.

While employees may be very good at their particular interest, they can’t be an expert on ALL technologies or interests. They have one or two specialities in which they focus on. What if your project calls for something different? Will they try to fit your project into a mold of what they do, when another method (an expertise they don’t have) would have generate much better results? And let's face it. How many employees are just simply trying to “make eight” and get through the day? How much time are you paying for that an employee is spending on social media while your project timer continues to run?

NC Web Pros is a full-service, home-based (keeping overhead to a minimum) web design and development firm that utilizes only full-time, self-employed professionals that we have carefully chosen based on their experience, portfolio and recommendations. Self-employed individuals bring a much different attitude to the table. They are motivated to make their own business a success and that success depends on you and I. We contract with professionals that represent every technology under the sun and contract with us at a wholesale rate. We in turn pass that savings onto you. So whatever your project calls for, we have the personnel and expertise to get it done, and we can get it done for less.