DIY Development

DIY Site Completion

Did you start a "DIY" website and then quickly realize you didn't have the time or skills necessary to finish it? Did it turn out to be a bit more than the television advertisements described?  DIY development is always tough no matter how easy they make it out to be.

If so, don't feel alone. We get SquareSpace, Weebly and Wix customers all the time, many of whom are frustrated and at the end of their rope. Oh, it all sounds so simple on the commercials, "Build your own website for free!" they said. "It'll be easy", they said. But soon you find out that "they" were wrong. Nothing is really "free" and what you thought would be "easy" is anything but.

We can help. We have SquareSpace, Weebly and Wix developers that are skilled in developing and customizing "DIY" websites and can finish the dream you started.

DIY Development

Do you really want to develop a website yourself? Choose any WordPress template and we will install the template on our servers along with the demo content, point your domain name to it, and you can do the rest. Pay only for the template, hosting and an hourly charge for installation and setup.

If you have questions or need assistance during site build, we can help at our standard hourly rate.

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